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Fees and Costs

simpleWRAP Investment Service Fees

Type of FeeAmount
Fees when your money moves in or out of your account
Establishment Fee
(The fee to open your account)
Contribution Fee
(The fee on each amount contributed to you investment)
Withdrawal Fee
(The fee on each amount you take out of your investment)
Exit Fee
The fee to close your investment
Management Costs
Fees and costs for managing your investment
(The amount you pay for a specific investment is shown in the disclosure document for that investment)
Administration fee
$1,500 p.a. ($125 per month)

$210 p.a. ($17.50 per month) ('Custody Fee')
For each additional million dollars or part thereof by which a member's balance exceeds $1 million subject to a maximum of $1,260 p.a.
Service Fees*
Switching Fee
(The fee for changing investment options)

(The fee for changing shares)

*Other fees and costs may apply, for example, fees payable to your financial adviser, and fees for share brokerage. Please refer to the 'Additional Explanation of Fees and Costs'.
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